What is Rescript?

ReScript is the rebranding of ReasonML by Facebook and BuckleScript by Bloomberg, which wrap OCaml on both ends.

Typically TypeScript transpiles into unreadable code but the auto-generated js file from ReScript is very concise & readable. The speed of transpilation and the performance of such code is surprising. If the ReScript code compiled, it means its types are safe and sound, so it can optimize away all the noises.


To install ReScript globally:

New Project

That compiles your ReScript into JavaScript, then uses NodeJS to run…

Typical MAD Score

What is this MAD Score?

Every Android developer should adhere to the Modern Android Development paradigm aka MAD. Also to figure out how much of MAD has really been transformed into reality, we have the MAD score for apps. It just shows how modern Android developer you really are!

React 17
React 17
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Before you really think that React17 is just nothing new, let me clear the air. All major changes are postponed until after React 17 as the goal of this release was purely to pave the path for an easier gradual upgrades. It did not add any developer API code but set the foundation for major upcoming updates. Pretty exciting!

The main objective of this release is to make sure it is safe to embed a tree managed by one version of React inside a tree managed by another version of React. …

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The best advice you can give yourself is to let go of things that are beyond your control. Everything does not happen for a reason. Some things are as random as the molecules we breathe. Try to be indifferent to things that are no way related to you or under your power and you will feel more in control.

1. You cannot control everything

Some people want to control everything. The moment they lose control, they feel life is in chaos. Life is a controlled chaos any given day. There are multitudes of factors that count towards any outcome. …

Pink plus Purple is Fuchsia. Thats the very basic literary definition. Technically it’s an operating system by Google.

Google wants Fuchsia to be the ultimate Google OS, running on all of its phones, tablets, laptops and smart home devices

Fuchsia is not a microkernel. Also Fuchsia is not based on Linux and has its own kernel, Zircon, which evolved from LittleKernel. Instead of aiming for minimality, the system architecture is guided by practical concerns about security, privacy, and performance. Thus Fuchsia has a pragmatic, message-passing kernel.

Fuchsia uses BSD/MIT-style open source licenses and has a well inclusive community that welcomes…

Deno Vs Node

If you observe carefully, DENO is an anagram of the word NODE. But probably much more than that as you start exploring it.

In 2018, Ryan Dahl, the original creator of Node.js, gave the famous talk “10 Things I Regret About Node.js” and announced his new project — Deno. He said, Deno aims to fix Node.js design mistakes and offers a new modern development environment. It has come a long way since then. Just yesterday, their twitter handle announced the release of version 1.4.2 with bug fixes.

Deno is a very modern, secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses…

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There is no better time to deep dive into Flutter than now. Google Pay just announced that its picking up Flutter to drive its global product development.


We all know that a massive amount of development effort goes to maintain our app on two major avenues i.e Google Play & Apple Store. The programming language is different and both platforms have their own idiosyncrasies.

Here comes Flutter as a savior and a better alternative with some real upsides:

  1. A Flutter app is way more cheaper compared to developing two native apps.
  2. The development team is relatively smaller with linear processes.

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Tell me who does not want a life like Tony Stark — the Iron Man from Marvel Comics. It just looks so surreal. But today it’s very much possible. You have an arsenal of wearable technology to choose from. Behold!

Some common examples of wearable technology today include smart jewellery such as rings, wristbands, watches and pins. Smaller devices commonly work in coordination with a smartphone app for display and interaction. Most rely on bluetooth technology.

Any gadget freak will agree that it looks so much cool to flaunt wearables. Gone are the days when a cool smartphone with a…

Flutter has managed to create quite a flutter!
Flutter has managed to create quite a flutter!
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Most experienced developers have seen many frameworks come and go in their lifetime. Very few stick on to become legendary like ReactJS. So there is always an inertia with any thing new in general. But Flutter has managed to create quite a flutter!

Just officially released in late December 2018, it took roughly a year to gain more popularity than React Native on both GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Just have a look at the survey below!

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To achieve anything in life, we need focus. The path to the goal must be succinct clear. The journey can be formidable but the sight must not be lost. Only thing that can help us is laser sharp focus. Here are some points that can help you with this elusive skill.

1. Be Happy

If you are not happy, you are not on the right path. Introspect what you want and the whole universe conspires to lead you there. The most common thing is people follow some perceived goal in a rush to emulate transient success. Only when you are happy with your…

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