Being Indifferent to Indifferent Things

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The best advice you can give yourself is to let go of things that are beyond your control. Everything does not happen for a reason. Some things are as random as the molecules we breathe. Try to be indifferent to things that are no way related to you or under your power and you will feel more in control.

1. You cannot control everything

Some people want to control everything. The moment they lose control, they feel life is in chaos. Life is a controlled chaos any given day. There are multitudes of factors that count towards any outcome. Only an open attitude will lead to happiness in every scenario.

2. Most things are random

Try guessing the numbers on a rolling dice. It’s completely random with a probabilistic pattern. Now imagine how random is the very nature of all occurrences in life. A second here there and the whole outcome changes. So trying to find a reason and pattern in every things is just foolish.

3. Everything is an experience

You cannot swim through life without getting wet. You cannot walk through the sand without getting burnt. Even if you stay in bed, your body will get feeble and rot. We lose what we don’t use. So make better use of every day you have with all your resources. Nothing will stay forever.

4. No one can predict future

No man has ever known the future. You may have a vision but you have to work towards it to make it come alive in future. So trying to be certain about an uncertain time ahead is just a killjoy.

5. Decisions can go wrong sometimes

The very nature of a decision making is throwing your weight behind an uncertainty. Most times it goes your way and sometimes it goes awry. So always keep your hopes high and take a swing in the better direction.

6. All actions have consequences

Any thing you do will have consequences. Even lack of action will have some consequences. Better accept the fact that you are a cog in this mechanical universe and have a role to perform. You are important and your contributions matter.

7. Be positive but stop avoiding negative

It a fundamental law of physics that there is nothing neutral. All things can be positive at times and sometimes every outlook seems negative. A change of perspective will always help is aligning with positive energy.

8. Time flows

The tomorrow you were worried about yesterday is today. Life will flow and you cannot run away from anything. Better soak the sun & feel the air before today slips away into past.

9. Summer follows winter

The darkest phase of night is actually followed by the dawn. Every peak has its plateau. All things have its crest and trough. No roads are straight. Accept the curves of life and it would hardly matter whether it’s concave or convex.

10. Let it settle down

The mind is like a bowl of water. The more you want to calm it, the more ripples emerge. Just let things settle down and you will find the ultimate calm. Sometimes being static is all that is required to overcome the dynamics.

Life is unfair but beautiful. If you always got what you deserved, its fair to assume that you would never get a good deal. Luck and chance have always had a fair share in everything.

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