Fuchsia — a next-gen OS from Google!

Pink plus Purple is Fuchsia. Thats the very basic literary definition. Technically it’s an operating system by Google.

Google wants Fuchsia to be the ultimate Google OS, running on all of its phones, tablets, laptops and smart home devices

Fuchsia is not a microkernel. Also Fuchsia is not based on Linux and has its own kernel, Zircon, which evolved from LittleKernel. Instead of aiming for minimality, the system architecture is guided by practical concerns about security, privacy, and performance. Thus Fuchsia has a pragmatic, message-passing kernel.

Fuchsia uses BSD/MIT-style open source licenses and has a well inclusive community that welcomes high-quality, well-tested contributions from almost everyone.

Security with Privacy

Everything is sandboxed and the software is delivered in hermetic packages. This means all software that runs on the system, including applications and system components, receives the least privilege it needs to perform its job and gains access only to the information it needs to know.


Fuchsia aims to support drivers with a binary-stable interface so that drivers compiled for one version of Fuchsia will continue to work in future versions of Fuchsia without needing to be modified or even recompiled. This approach allows Fuchsia devices to be able to update to newer versions of Fuchsia seamlessly while keeping their existing drivers.

Agnostic Design

Applications interact with each other and the system using message passing, which means any application that can format messages appropriately can participate fully in the system regardless of its language or runtime. Much like the Internet, Fuchsia is defined by open protocols rather than a particular client or server implementation.

Performance Driven


Google Fuchsia allows to do whatever you want from whatever device you have at hand. Also Fuchsia has a developer experience SDK tool which lets developers write software for Fuchsia.


Fuchsia is trying what Microsoft and Apple already have done in Windows 10 and iOS-to-macOS Sierra Continuity respectively, but in its own way.

Guess what! Fuchsia is Google’s ultimate answer to Microsoft and Apple’s common platforms. Let’s wait and watch, how it plays out.

Exciting times ahead!!!

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