How to Achieve a Focussed Mindset

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To achieve anything in life, we need focus. The path to the goal must be succinct clear. The journey can be formidable but the sight must not be lost. Only thing that can help us is laser sharp focus. Here are some points that can help you with this elusive skill.

If you are not happy, you are not on the right path. Introspect what you want and the whole universe conspires to lead you there. The most common thing is people follow some perceived goal in a rush to emulate transient success. Only when you are happy with your path, the goal does not seem far away. There is a certain calmness about the whole journey which makes everything possible.

On of the many misconceptions is that you should be comfortable in your attire to have a pleasant journey. Life is about battles and you need to don your uniform for the war. The purpose is felt by your body more deeply when you dress appropriately. Also you have a certain outward expectation to live up-to. Thus you never seem to lose your direction. If you do lose, a faint reflection reminds you of your purpose.

Just saying just symbolically, may can drink cold water or a hot tea also. The idea behind is to feel rewarded at the smallest completion. Ever wondered why people walk out for coffee after a hectic meeting. It’s all because the mind wants the reward to stay committed to its goal.

Other than the physical benefits, it has great psychological benefits. The serene walk or active jog can heal your mind of the wear and tear. The rhythm syncs up with nature and an ultimate pleasure is observed at the brain’s centre. The neurons emit many signals that help us clear the mind.

It seems a cliche but history bears testimony to the fact that exercise helps immensely. You can overcome any pressure or thought if you train well. The disciple that goes into repetitive physical exercise is just the key.

Most people seldom look at the time. They just flow like water on a meandering course. They do not have any direction, just a gravitational pull. But rarely do they reach the intended destination. Value time & you will see wonders.

Stay connected but do disconnect to touch base with your inner self. All great works are a work of solitude. Sometimes the calm is needed to realign yourself. Always being in the din of the day is exhausting. Give your mind a channel to harness the power of the subconscious.

It is very important to understand that you cannot have everything. There is always an opportunity cost involved. You simply cannot enjoy a whole Netflix series & be a University topper at the same time. You have to say no today to achieve a big yes to all your aspirations tomorrow.

A shoe tells a thousand tales. Do wear a shoe & see how the worlds falls before you. The simple fact that you are standing with a proper gear reminds you that a journey lies ahead of you. It must be completed and the destination is awaiting you.

What you seek is seeking you. But for that you need to seek more aggressively. You should have daily goals. There is nothing more powerful than compounded returns. Anything which you do repeatedly, you master it. So repeat with a routine. Your mind too, operates peacefully when you know what’s in store for you ahead. The chaos or uncertainly always drains the mind with more judgement calls.

Nothing upsets one’s focus other than ill health. The vicious cycle of bad days can actually derail any task. So eat healthy and light. If you feel morbid, try analyzing your diet. Always follow a proper regimen and the body will take care of itself.

Just be indifferent to indifferent things. Stop thinking about things not under your control. Just move on and get a grip on your own issues. The things that you can change are more important. Also once you start taking control and gain traction, the invincible things just fizzle out. The momentum just keeps growing as you see more positive results.

When you look above, you see the azure blue sky. It reminds you that men will come & go but the universe will stay. To put in perspective, it reinforces the fact that all your problems are tiny bubbles that exist in your head. Life is far more rewarding if you can put issues in their place and move on. You cannot reach the peak without slipping sometimes. Similarly, life cannot be without its vanity.

The best way to look at anything is straight on. Face your fears & look them in the eye. Nothing is insurmountable unless you decorate them with fancy shadows & glorious heights.

The mind behaves differently if you take anything as a game. It starts thinking objectively and aggressively. You have to win mindset comes into play. The fun of having fun is totally ecstatic.

Do not settles for less. Every time you compromise, your standard falls till it’s deep under. Start having a higher expectation and things will fall in place. If you won’t yield, you mind starts respecting you as a person.

There are millions who start on a success journey but a few reach the apex. You have to finish what you have resolved to achieve.

What you do when you are alone defines you. The public persona is always a made up facet. The true you knows what is inside you. Build your character inward out and you would rarely have to put up a show. You are the whole show.

Every individual has his own testament. Like it or not but every man is a prisoner of his own rules. It is good as long as the rules are good. A simple rule of exercising daily keeps you fit as a fiddle.

The freedom to break your own rules gives a certain invisible power. The only thought that you can break them keeps you from breaking them. Only a prisoner tries to flee. The free soul stand anywhere at his own will. Believe me, you will never have to break a single rule.

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